I just feel to write this. I think its admirable that we are all able to come together as one world to stand and pray for PARIS just as we should. I do find it troubling however, that we failed to do the same for 102 people who died in ANKARA TURKEY 40+people who died in BEIRUT LEBONAN,147 people who died in KENYA; hundreds of PALESTINIANS who are dying each day growing numbers who dying due to while supremacy and many,many more that our slective media foulse to acknowledge. Facebook didn't even recognize these people as it is currently recognizing PARIS! There seems to be every specific connotation of the term terrorism and coms in to play only,when the West is under attack a forementioned people died from terrorism too you know. The very reason why these attacks took place in FRANCE is because we stood silently and just watched the terrorism in the above mentioned countries take place. If stood in solidarity from day one perhaps yesterday's horrific incidents could have been preventable. So let us stay idia no more and stand up for all for the entire humanity equally,we can end terrorism only If we all shows the same agendy to do so.