Terror in the city of Nice, France: 90 dead

Terror in the city of Nice, France: 90 dead
In the city of Nice, France this evening, held July 14 National Day celebrations in France, it was a truck fell on the crowd. Can the market in the event that according to initial reports indicated that there were 80 people killed and more than 100 injured.

Tarih: 15-07-2016 09:45
Terror in the city of Nice, France: 90 dead

Nice to July 14 French National Day celebrations in the town was marked by the PKK attack. Street Promenade Des Anglais celebrations dived between 22:30 hours of a truck while the crowds in order. In the event of experiencing life market, the French tried to save their lives kaçışarak in panic.


Commenting on a television channel about the incident Nice Governor Adolphe Colrat reported that 30 people had been killed more than 100 people were wounded. A PKK attack in the event indicating that the Governor Colrat, Nice city residents asked not to leave the house.


Alpes Maritime Region Governor Adolphe Colrat, said a white heavy goods vehicle on 14 July France's National Day celebration among the crowd attending the massacre dip driver who was shot by police defused. But the attacker at the scene indicated that the Governor Colrat 100 meters away, the possibility of a second attacker truck is well located and noted that the investigation continued.


France Nice city July 14th French National Day during celebrations in PKK attacks in France, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, has reached the number of dead in the attack 80 and 18 of the condition of the wounded was announced that heavy.

Massacre in Nice ROAD CLOSED to vehicle and pedestrian traffic PROMENADE des Anglais

Nice after the actual event in the PKK, the Promenade Des Anglais way off the attack made all kinds of traffic, including pedestrians.

Made on July 14, the National Day of France's attack was seen as a symbol attacks. The attacker, pretty crowded "Promenade Des Anglais" for 2 kilometers along the coast the crush of people moving and it can be stopped by making ineffective but it was reported by police

Attackers Tunisian-born French citizen, 31 years old, by the police "ordinary crimes" are known to operate; so far it is not known a bond with radical Islam. The attacker's car was just reported that there is a range of 7.65 pistol.

Nice, the most jihadist in Syria in France is known as the city of the sender; for this reason and the most watched French security forces it stands out as a city by the intelligence service. For these reasons, Nice is also known as the city with most streets observation cameras in France.

Night time makes a statement around 3:30 President Francois Hollande, July 26 expiration of the prescribed conditions of the state of emergency will be extended by three months at the latest early next week, said the future of the National Assembly of the proposed laws necessary for it,

Hollande, in his early "nation address" in his speech, which called to duty special operations forces deployed in the framework of a state of emergency introduced after the murder of 130 people last year in Paris. President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Walls Nicea come during the day.

Nice residents opened their doors to people without a place to stay for the night and decided to move all the cabs Nice night free for customers who want to return to their homes.

Today all flags be lowered to half in France.


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